Pandemic Disaster Plan

In light of recent global health concerns, we are offering a pandemic preparedness plan free of charge to the repossession community.  At this time, we know of no clients that have requested such a plan, but as the name suggests, your agency should be prepared.

Below is a suggest checklist for implementing this new policy for your agency.

The following is a suggested sequence of plan development activities.

  • Establish a pandemic recovery team (PRT); it is charged with plan development and coordinating the organization’s pandemic response.
  • Have the PRT meet with human resources, senior management, internal technology groups, and disaster recovery, business continuity and emergency response teams to establish the scope of the plan.
  • Brief business unit as well as senior management on these meetings so they are properly informed.
  • Gather all relevant employee information, e.g., contact information and skills inventories.
  • Gather all relevant business process information, e.g., critical activities that must be maintained.
  • Gather information about the technology infrastructure that supports these processes.
  • Obtain copies of existing business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Download Your Preparedness Plan